Park Falls Public Library

121 N Fourth Ave. • Park Falls, WI 54552 • (715)762-3121 •

Mon- Fri 10am - 8pm
Sat. (school yr) 10am - 2pm
Sat. (summer) closed
Sunday closed


Park Falls Public Library has six public access computers for customer use.  These computers make use of our high-speed connection to the Internet and are located in the library lobby.

We ask new users to sign a use agreement, which we keep on file for you.  The agreement commits the customer to obey library rules regarding computer use.  These are simple common sense rules against illegal activity, displaying pornographic materials, or installing programs without library permission.

Minors must get a parent's signature on their use agreement before they can use library public access computers.

Library staff are always available to assist computer users or answer questions.

Reservations for computer use may be placed ahead of time.  You may schedule up to two hours per day, with a limit of six hours a week.  This limit provides equal access to our community for a limited resource. 

One public access computer is a short term "15 Minute" computer.  This machine may be used for quick tasks like checking email.  A user may stay on the short term computer for longer than 15 minutes, if no one is waiting to use the machine.  Once a user has had 15 minutes on the short term computer he/she will asked to close out and permit a person who is waiting to get access. 

Another feature that many people find useful is the simple flat plate scanner that is attached to the 15 minute computer.  Library staff are happy to help you scan photos or documents into digital format, for storage, or to share by email. 

Park Falls Public Library also has wireless internet access for those with laptop computers, or other portable digital devices.

The Children's Department features a Homework Computer.  This computer may also be reserved, but must  be used when the Children Librarian is present, in order to assist.  The Homework  Computer features a link to the Chequamegon School District's "drop box" program, plus other links and software to aid school age users with school assignments.