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How Do I Get A Library Card?

Fill out a simple application card, and provide appropriate identification (driver’s license, etc.).  A parent or legal guardian must sign the application card for minors.  Parent or guardian assumes legal responsibility for lost or damaged items borrowed by their minor children.

What Do Library Cards Cost?

Library Cards are free to any resident of Wisconsin. There is a charge to replace a lost or damaged card.  Non Wisconsin residents may be asked to provide a deposit.

How Can I Renew My Books?

Library books or other items may be renewed by calling the library at 762-3121. Items may be renewed twice. 

Items may also be renewed on the Internet by bringing up your record in the MORE on-line catalog.  Items may not be renewed if another patron has the item on reserve.  

You may also renew checked items by calling 1-866-MYRENEW (1-866-697-3639) and using the automated renewal phone line.  You will need to have your library card and the checked out items at hand to key in the appropriate barcode numbers.

What Are Your Fines?

Overdue Charges are 20 cents per day per item.  Video fines are $1 per day per item.  Lost or damaged items are billed at the retail replacement cost of the item, plus a billing fee.  Failure to pay fines will result in suspension of borrowing privileges.  Failure to return library items will result in local and state criminal penalties.

What About Lost or Long Overdue Library Materials?

Materials borrowed from the library are city property.  When you sign up for a library card, you are signing a contract that holds you responsible for return of any library materials you or your children borrow.  We work to ensure that materials are returned in a timely manner to allow all citizens access to these resources.  We follow a process in this regard.

The library mails overdue notices at 7 days overdue, 21 days overdue, and mails a bill for replacement costs at 5 weeks overdue.  The overdue process may be resolved by customer action at any point.

If the Replacement Bill is not resolved (return items or pay replacement costs) within the stated period, then a final warning is sent to the customer at 7 weeks overdue to allow resolution. 

The next step (according to Park Falls Municipal Code, Section 11.3.4) is for the Park Falls Police Department to issue a Citation to the card holder (or responsible adult) for Theft of Library Material.  This ticket results in a civil forfeiture of $214 and full restitution for the cost of the materials.  Once issued, a Citation is a court matter (violation of City Ordinances) and it can no longer be resolved at the library.  Returning materials after issuance of the Citation, in a timely manner, will remove the restitution claim, but this will not undo the Citation or the forfeiture imposed by the court for violation of the City Ordinance. 

Anyone who receives a Citation has had at least 4 separate written notifications requiring return of the overdue materials, and telephone contact.  The City of Park Falls applies Citations as a measure of last resort, in keeping with responsible management of public property.

What Are Your Loan Periods?

Books, Magazines, Recordings and all other items are loaned for 21 Days.  DVD’s are loaned for 7 days.   Packaged TV Series seasons are loaned for 2 weeks.  Some items borrowed from other libraries may have different loan periods asset by the owning library.  Examine your checkout slip, call Park Falls Public Library at 762-3121 or check your record on the on the MORE catalog to determine the correct due date, if you are in doubt.   

Do You Have Internet Access?

We have high-speed wireless access for customer laptops or other digital devices.  We also have six public computers with Internet access.  One of these is for short-term tasks only, such as checking email.  To use public access computers, you need to sign an Internet use agreement, with a parent or guardian’s signature for minors.  It is advised that you call us ahead to schedule time on the public computers in order to ensure availability.  The short-term work station is designed for walk-in use and may not be scheduled.

Are You On the Web?

Yes!  Besides this web site, our computerized catalog is available at www.more.lib.wi.us .  This link takes you to the MORE Library Catalog which shows the holdings 49 libraries, including Park Falls.  You may browse or place orders for books to borrow from any of these libraries, from your home computer or at the library terminals.  You may also access your patron record to renew items, check the status of orders, see what items you have out, and check fines or charges accrued.   The library also maintains a Park Falls Public Library Facebook page.

What About My Privacy?

Under Wisconsin state law, library records are confidential.  Your personal information may not be shared for any non-library purpose, except by court order – search warrant or subpoena.  Our computer system does not keep track of what people have borrowed once items are returned.  We regard protecting your privacy as a professional obligation. 

Under the USA-PATRIOT Act, section 215, Federal agencies have broad latitude to secretly examine library records, or place spy devices to track use of library computers. This act supposedly only applies to national security investigations.  While we have not been subject to such an action locally yet, you may be interested to know this is possible under current law.